Baby girl with very long hair

30 May 2004

When I’m in my mother’s belly, I think
“Why is it so dark in here, then I keep kicking out of nowhere, but I keep kicking until I see a light, and I stop kicking.”

At that time, my mother felt that it was time, she immediately called my father, who had not yet arrived, so she called an ambulance.
My mom said while breathing hastily

“Ehm, hello please take me immediately, because I will give birth soon”
At that time, the hospital immediately called an ambulance and took my mother.

When I saw the light for the first time, I immediately ran after the light, until then I was born in this world, namely in the country of Indonesia in East Java.

The Doctors and Nurses also felt amazed and strange with the length of my hair which was like Rapunzel in the Tangled movie, but at that time my hair was not blonde but black.

They kept trying to pull me into my mother’s tummy, because they was too tired.
They decided to cut my long hair.

However, my mother said “Please don’t cut my son’s hair, it’s his and it will be his.”
The doctors and nurses did not decide to cut my hair.

After that in my mother’s hospital room, my father immediately ran in a hurry because he was late to receive a call from my mother.

My father said with a sigh
“Hah… hah.. I’m sorry dear, I’m really sorry.”

My mom said “how are you doing, how come you’re so late.”

Dad “I’m sorry, I was stuck on the road with my cellphone in silent mode.”

Mom “Are you fuc** crazy , you must be just an excuse, you must be at the warkop busy watching movies right?!”

Dad “No dear, actually the cellphone was stuck in silent mode earlier.”
Mom “okay, I believe this time, be careful if you don’t pick up the phone again, I will divorce you!”

Dad “Oh, don’t say that, honey, it’s not good, well, I’m sorry, honey.”

Mom “yes yes, okay next time don’t be like that again! Hem!..”

Dad “Okay okay. Oh yeah by the way the baby is a girl or a boy?.”

Mom “Women, our child is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Dad “Yes, very beautiful, but why is her hair so long, honey ?”

Mom “I don’t know either, the doctor said it’s from both of our genes, that’s why our child has long hair like that, isn’t that good, isn’t it?”

Father “yes, it’s good, how can our child be not good, our child is beautiful, please forgive me, dear.”

Mom “yes, our child is very beautiful.”

That’s when I was born

Okay guys, here’s the story about me, for part 2 I will tell you in my next article.

Thank you for reading this article, I’m happy if you enjoy reading articles from my story.

Bye bye guys.

Written by : Angela Putri Shafira



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